Welcome to the Blairfindie

A rustic wood heated sugar shack, where you can enjoy a traditional meal served by our most courteous staff.

We offer you a noonday meal or supper.

Bring your own beer and wine during sugaring off season.

Reservations by phone at 450-291-5038 are required at all times. Cancellations must be made only by phone 48 hours in advance at 450-291-5038.

!!! Attention !!!
It is with great regret that we must announce that we will not re-open for the season 2020. After talking it over between us, we decided it is the responsible thing to do to protect our staff, family and beloved customers considering the current situation with the Covid-19. Rest assured, as soon as the restrictions for gatherings is lifted, we will be open for business as usual for weddings and reunions. Thank you all for your support and stay responsible and safe please!